DMCA Free Background Music

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What Is DMCA Free Music?

DMCA stands for DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT, and gives music copyright owners very tight control over their creative works. 

The DMCA act has caused big problems for streamers and gamers, especially on Twitch, as suddenly a music copyright holder can issue a “take down notice” if they believe their music copyright is being infringed. 

This is creating major difficulties for Twitch streamers and streamer enthusiasts all over the world, who are finding their streams to be suddenly in violation of music copyright.

DMCA Free Music, like all the music found in this site, is approved for streaming on Twitch or other platforms.

We will not be issuing DMCA take down notices if you use our music as background music in your streams. Our music is DMCA safe and we will keep it that way.

How Do I Use Your DMCA Free Music?

If you are a live game streamer on YouTube, Twitch or Mixer, you can find free to use and DMCA safe to stream background music here.

Just link to our website in your description or on one of your Twitch panels or video descriptions.

Something like the following is perfect:

Music by Coya |

Is There DMCA Free Music On Spotify?

You can find all our music on all the major streaming platforms, including Spotify, so you can create your own custom streaming playlists, or alternately just download the music for free from us through our free music library.

We are partnered with Streamertrax and LouiseByrneMusic.

DMCA Free Playlist – Fantasy, Medieval, Tavern, Adventure Music

This is a collection of DMCA cleared, safe to stream fantasy adventure music with Celtic and medieval tavern music vibes.

DMCA Free Playlist – Chiptune, 8-Bit, Electronica, Retro Music

This is a collection of DMCA cleared, safe to stream chiptune and 8-bit inspired electronica retro music perfect as a background soundtrack to retro video game streams.

DMCA Free Playlist – Sci-Fi, Adventure, Futuristic, Industrial Music

This is a collection of DMCA safe to stream science fiction, futuristic and industrial sci-fi music.

DMCA Free Playlist – Dark Academia, Epic Gaming Music

This is a collection of DMCA safe to stream dark academia and orchestral music.

DMCA Free Playlist – Make Your Own

Confused about what music is DMCA Free on Spotify? Perhaps you would prefer to make your own DMCA Free Playlist?

Below is a playlist of all our DMCA Free Music. From this, you can select any track to build your own DMCA Free Music Playlist.