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Our Music

At Coya Music, we are committed to offering a diverse selection of royalty-free music across a wide range of genres. From the uplifting vibes of pop music to the rhythmic beats of hip-hop, our library is designed to cater to all styles and moods.

Our music is meticulously crafted by skilled musicians and is available for you to use for free. We just ask for credit when you use our music in your projects.

Our Genres

At Coya Music, we offer an expansive range of musical genres to cater to every creative need. We understand that the soundtrack to your content needs to reflect its mood and tone, and our diverse collection allows for this.

Our Pop and Rock tracks bring energy and vibrancy, perfect for high-paced, lively content. Orchestral music provides a sense of grandeur and seriousness, while our Chillout music is perfect for creating a calm, serene atmosphere.

We also offer Celtic music, which is known for its rich, melodic tunes and distinctive Irish and Scottish influences, ideal for content requiring a touch of tradition or mysticism. For projects set in distant future or outer space, our Futuristic and Sci-fi music can set the right tone with their modernistic and extra-terrestrial sounds.

For retro game lovers, our 8-bit music is a throwback to the golden days of video gaming, providing a nostalgic feel. Our Synth wave tracks, with their 80s-inspired electronic sounds, are ideal for content looking for a vintage yet modern vibe.

Lastly, we have a delightful collection of Kids music. These cheerful, innocent tunes are perfect for children’s content, creating a fun, engaging atmosphere for the young at heart.

Remember, all these genres are yours to use with the simple condition of crediting Coya Music in your projects.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make professional, high-quality music accessible to all content creators. We believe that good music should not be a luxury, but a tool readily available for everyone. Whether you are a YouTuber, filmmaker, or influencer, we aim to enhance your content with our music.

Our Brands

At Coya Music, we understand that different content calls for different musical vibes and styles. That’s why we have diversified our music production under a variety of distinct brands, each representing a unique genre of music.

Coya Celtic, one of our brands, specializes in creating music that is deeply rooted in the rich traditions and melodious charm of Celtic culture. This genre is perfect for content that aims to evoke feelings of nostalgia, mystique, or a connection with nature and history.

On the other hand, Coya Chill is focused on producing chill and relaxing music, embodying a laid-back and serene vibe. The music under this brand is ideal for content that seeks to create a tranquil and calming atmosphere.

These are just a taste of the various brands under the Coya Music umbrella, allowing us to cater to a wide array of musical needs and preferences. Our expansive library ensures that no matter what type of content you’re creating, we have a track that perfectly suits your project.

Our Community

The spirit of Coya Music goes beyond just providing free music. We are a community that supports and guides content creators. We share valuable insights about music production, tips on how to effectively use music in your content, and more. Our goal is to help our community of creatives achieve their full potential and create the best content possible.

Education & Learning

At Coya Music, we believe in the power of sharing knowledge. Our team of seasoned producers and music experts leverages their years of industry experience to create informative blogs that help our community navigate the world of music.

We delve into key topics like music production, offering insight into the process of crafting high-quality tracks. Our blogs also tackle the complex subject of music licensing, providing simple explanations to help content creators understand how they can legally use music in their projects.

We also shed light on the often misunderstood area of copyright, guiding creators through the do’s and don’ts to avoid any infringement issues, offering some insight from our own experience.

Additionally, our experts share valuable tips on syncing music to content, helping creators make the most of our tracks in their projects.

Our goal is to empower creators with knowledge, enabling them to produce better and more engaging content.

Global Reach And Clients

The resonance of Coya Music transcends borders, reaching creators and audiences across the globe. Our music has been featured in an array of different mediums, from independent YouTube channels to full-fledged advertising campaigns.

We’re proud to have collaborated with some of the most prestigious names in broadcasting and advertising. This widespread usage of our tracks is a testament to the diversity, quality, and universal appeal of our music.

It’s an immense joy for us to know that Coya Music has become a trusted choice for creators worldwide, enhancing and elevating their content with our harmonious tunes.

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