Do You Need A Microphone For YouTube Videos?

Aspiring YouTubers may wonder if they need a microphone for their videos. A good quality microphone will make all the difference in your video sound and can also save you time when it comes to post-production.

You do not need a microphone for YouTube videos, however, if you decide to record audio, your content will benefit from using a high-quality microphone. Research has shown that audiences switch off quickly if there is poor sound.

Research has shown that audiences can forgive poor video quality, but are less forging with sound, therefore it is important to pay attention to your audio quality.

In this article, I will cover the details of using a microphone on YouTube, covering:

  • Do you need a microphone for YouTube videos?
  • Do YouTubers wear microphones?
  • What equipment is needed for YouTube videos?
  • What mic should I get for YouTube videos?
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Do You Need A Microphone For YouTube Videos?

If you have a YouTube Channel that delivers content in the commentary or essay style, then getting a good microphone will be the best investment for your YouTube channel.

One of the most popular, and fastest-growing genres on YouTube in the past 4 or 5 years has been the commentary genre.

As the name suggests, these channels comment on and discuss a wide range of topics, from politics to films, and from social media to music. They’ve become very much ingrained in the popular culture on the internet, and have an incredibly large social media presence and following on YouTube.

With a lot of these channels, it’s the viewpoints and opinions of that specific YouTuber that make them interesting to watch. And of course, the most effective way for these channels to get their point across is to use a microphone.

This is just one case where using a microphone can offer a new direction for your channel to grow.

However, it’s not like you’re completely limiting your own channels’ growth and popularity by not using a microphone. There are plenty of successful YouTube channels out there that don’t utilise a microphone. It all really comes down to the content and style of the videos that you’re making.

Video styles such as video essays, commentaries, reaction videos, reviews, etc., require microphones to be successful; but there are hundreds of other styles of YouTube video out there that don’t.

If you need to record your voice to get your message across, then using a microphone is the best way to do this.

Do YouTubers Wear Microphones?

Some YouTubers wear microphones. These are small microphones that are clipped onto a jumper or top. This type of microphone is called a lapel mic or lavalier microphone.

The most common type of microphone used on YouTube is a standard large diaphragm microphone, which either sits on a desk or hangs from a microphone stand or arm.

From my experience, using large diaphragm condenser microphones gives the best sound when recording vocals or speech, however, be careful that your room is not too noisy when broadcasting with a condenser microphone.

Alternatively, a good quality dynamic microphone is a great way to broadcast good quality sound, and it is not overly sensitive to noise, so can be used in nosier YouTube studios.

To learn more about the different microphones, check out this article from Engineer Your Sound, which covers the different microphone types and how to use them in much greater detail.

What Equipment Is Needed For YouTube Videos?

First and foremost, you should have a good-quality camera to capture your footage. You don’t need an expensive professional camera – many smartphones today have excellent cameras capable of capturing great video footage.

Next up is lighting. Good lighting can make or break your video; it sets the mood and helps viewers focus on the subject at hand. If you’re shooting indoors and have access to natural light (like from a window), that’s ideal. Otherwise, purchase some affordable lights that fit within your budget.

In addition, you’ll want to invest in a good quality microphone to ensure your audio sounds crisp and clear. This will help ensure your viewers can understand what you’re saying without having to turn up the volume too loud or adjust their device settings – both of which can be annoying.

Finally, you will need some video editing software to put your video together if you plan to add cuts or overlay music. Simple video editing software, such as the free video editing software pre-installed on most PCs and MACS, is good enough for most YouTubers with simpler videos.

In addition, there are lots of free video editing software out there. Here is a list of the best free video editing software:

  • Blender Video Editor
  • Shotcut
  • Avidemux
  • Openshot
  • HitFilm Express

For those looking for more complex video editing features, then you will need paid-for video editing software, which includes the ability to add effects and do fancy editing.

What Mic Should I Get For YouTube Videos?

When shopping for microphones for YouTube videos, there are two main types of mics available: dynamic mics and condenser mics.

Condenser mics tend to be more expensive but they offer better sound quality than dynamic mics – so they’re worth considering if the budget isn’t an issue.

However, if money is tight, then dynamic mics can still produce great results if used correctly. In addition, dynamic mics are very good when used in noisy or louder YouTube studios, as they are less sensitive to noise and will not pick up as much background noise.

The Shure MV7 is one of the best and highest-rated microphones for use on YouTube videos. When you are next on YouTube, watch out for this microphone as it is nearly everywhere.

shure mv7

Final Thoughts

Aspiring YouTubers should invest in a good quality microphone for their videos so their audience can hear what they’re saying clearly without having to blast their audio levels or adjust their device settings.

Dynamic mics are typically more affordable but condenser mics offer better sound quality, so consider both options when shopping around for microphones.

Remember, though – always test it out before making any purchases, so you know exactly what kind of sound quality you’ll be getting with your new mic.

When trying to find a good microphone for your YouTube channel, it is worth looking at the microphones used by your favourite YouTubers. If you like their sound, then you know that the model of microphone they are using is the right one for you.

Happy producing!

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