Music Licence

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How Can I Use The Music On This Site For Free In My Content?

You can download royalty free music from this website to use in your multi-media projects, as long as you credit us as the creators of the music.

We would like you to credit us as follows:

Music by: or  “Song Title” from Coya Music.

Please link to this website in your music credits and any of your social media platforms.

What Can I Use The Free Music On This Site For?

The music on this website can be downloaded and used for free in the following types of media content.

Music UseMedia Content Type ExamplesFree Music Licence
Commercial Use Professional Use
Personal Use
Student Use
Social MediaAll Social Media Platforms✔️
YouTubeOnline Videos
YouTube Videos

[Music Only YouTube Videos Are Not Permitted] 
Adverts & PromotionsAdvertising✔️
WebsitesWebsite Background Music✔️
BroadcastTV Broadcast
Radio Broadcast

[Music Apps Or Apps And Software That Allow The Download Of Music Or The Use Of The Music Is Not Permitted]
GamesVideo Games
Game Development
Twitch Streams
Public PerformanceCinema
Public Spaces
CorporateCorporate Video
Training Video
Slide Show
Audio Voice ContentPodcasts
Audio Books
Music On Hold
This table shows how our free royalty free music can be used

If you can’t see your particular media content on the list, please email us to check if our free music is suitable for your.

Our Free Music Cannot Be Used In The Following Ways

Music UseDescriptionFree Music Licence
Music Only YouTube Videos
Music only YouTube videos are not allowed.

The music cannot be used in standalone music videos, music playlist videos or YouTube videos where the music is the main attraction.
ResellYou may not resell our music to another user.

Only the licensee has been granted the rights to use the music.

These rights are non transferable.
RegisterYou cannot register our music in any store or platform including YouTube Content ID.
You cannot remix our music for use in musical / music only productions.

For example, DJ sampling for remix or creating a song.
SampleYou may not sample our music for use in musical / music only productions.

For example, adding lyrics and making a song or using melodies to create a song.
Music Production SoftwareYou cannot use our music in music production software
Video Production SoftwareYou cannot use our music in video production software
Meditation SoundtracksYou cannot use our music as part of a meditation soundtrack
Music Only Video Games, Apps Or ProductsYou cannot use our music in music genre or music only video games, apps or products that are music only.

Website Downloads & Product DownloadsAllowing the downloading of our music on another website, platform, software or as part of a product is strictly prohibited.
This table shows how our free royalty free music cannot be used