Learn About Music Production, Music Syncing & Music Copyright

a music studio with pc, midi keyboard and speakers

Learn About Music Creation & Music Production

For musicians, there is a lot that goes into the process of creating music.

From the initial songwriting to the final production and mastering, there are a lot of steps involved in getting a track ready for release.

The following articles are written to provide information for free to aspiring music creators to help them along their music production journey. The information shared is taken from my 15 years working as a professional music producer.

Learn About Music Copyright & Music Syncing

For music users, there is a lot to know about how to use music correctly in your content to ensure it does not breach any copyright laws.

In addition, syncing music to your content to get the right audio levels and timing is a master skill, and worth learning about.

The information shared in the following articles is taken from my 15 years working with music production, navigating music copyright law and syncing music to content, movies and short films.