Lo-Fi House Music (Royalty Free Music)

Looking to add a touch of lo-fi house music to your content?

This is a collection of royalty free lo-fi house music that is free to download or stream. Whether you’re streaming your favourite game or putting together a video for YouTube, hopefully there is something here to help you out.

Clueless | Royalty Free Music Download

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Deep River | Royalty Free Music Download

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Colours | Royalty Free Music Download

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Electrolight | Royalty Free Music Download

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Summer | Royalty Free Music Download

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Infinity | Royalty Free Music Download

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What Is Lo-Fi Music?

Traditionally, lo-fi music stands for “low fidelity” and refers to music that was recorded in non professional studios or environments where there is noise and possible mistakes. Demo tapes from the 80s and 90s made by musicians in their bedrooms are examples of traditional lo-fi music.

Back then, it could be any genre of music. Lo-fi referred to the audio quality.

Although lo-fi originally referred to the audio quality of the music, in recent times the definition has evolved to include downtempo or chill music.

A search of lo-fi music on Spotify today will show you mellow sounds, beats and and music that is meant to be relaxing.

Lo-fi house, which is an area I love to produce in, is a subgenre of lo-fi music that combines elements of house and techno with the downtempo, chilled-out vibes of lo-fi.

In addition, just like early lo-fi music, it is not highly produced and polished, which can be relaxing and cause less fatigue on a listeners ears.

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